Women’s Day

I made thin pancakes and sliced up a mango, which I was delighted to see Imogen roll up in her pancake.  Some friends came over to play in the snow and we had Girl Scout cookies, cinnamon rolls, and chili.  Everyone slid on our outside play house. Imogen watched Secret Life of Pets 2 on the projector and I folded laundry until Ansel asked me for a pickle and an apple and, wanting neither, went down for his nap. When Jacob came home I went to the library to write and just sat there and zoned out.  We’d been at friends’ houses Thursday night and Friday night, and had skiing and a birthday party on Saturday.

I’d woke up one-eyeing Ansel who had been switching my lamp on and off, and Jacob saying Happy Women’s Day, with Imogen in the crook of my arm. Ansel had woken up before 5:00 a.m. for the second day in a row. It was 6:15 and already my turn, but Jake had left the pancake batter, coffee, and a fire… the same fire that is still burning now, as everyone sleeps and I sneak a little bit of time.

God Bless us all.


Imogen’s second piece of pizza is about to fall on the floor at the birthday party after wee ski.

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