Wild wild yard: fall clearing with special guests cute kids

First hosta and iris chopped… commence project!
Before (kinda have a crush on my supervisor Ansel!!)

Rhodies you can see without weeds
Ansel again (this guy is a real slave driver)
…Imogen at the new bistro set (thanks the Dad!!)

“Aunt Nina’s” hydrangeas

Happiness is the OTHER side of the toddler gate! Can’t wait for spring.


Ansel Emmett at five months

Beeb left Alaska for the first time in his fourth month – to go to Wisconsin for Uncle Ted and Aunt Christina’s wedding! Here he is waiting at the gate at Sea-Tac like a champ…
…and much happier at the final destination (in this case, in his cousin Stevie’s old turtle truck).
Listening to podcasts with Dad on the porch swing while the girls get ready on wedding day…
…and ready themselves for the ceremony (and looking pretty good, Mom must say)!
Relaxin in Grandpa Jim’s chair the morning after (not feeling too hung over ;))…
…and a quick stop at America’s Best Value Inn in Seattle on the way home. Great first trip!
Now back to supervising Mom in the garden…
(…there was a lot to do there!)
Gigi’s bunny sweater is the perfect thing for Juneau fall days…
…oh yeah, and I’m five months old!!

Wild wild yard part II

One of the best things about our first summer in our new home is that literally every time I take the time to take a proper look around something new and amazing is blooming.

It makes me really look forward to future summers when I am able to take more time with this. All I can say about this summer is bravo. And you are a little bit overwhelming/outta control as the best ones always are/have been…

What is this? It is clearly thriving!
Cute annuals mom planted in hanging baskets
Delphinium (thanks, Ma)! This sucker is taller than Imogen!
Hosta bloom? Again so healthy!!
Some tiny roses booming on our steps
Side yard with more delphinium
Japanese maple going off in backyard
Channel looking towards Juneau
Kitchen window and other side taken (with new heat pump!) from greenhouse