“Sunkist Lane” in Alaska Women Speak (Print edition), May 2021

“Alpenglow” and “Sick at Heart” in Tidal Echoes (Print edition), April 2021

“The Day I Finished my Secondary Education Application” in 49 Writers broadside series, April 2021

“Walls” in Ruminate, January 2021 (Print edition)

“Iris” in Alaska Women Speak, Fall 2020 (Print edition)

“When the House of Cards Fell” in Alaska Women Speak, Summer 2020 (Print edition)

“Personal Day” in 49 Writers broadside series, June 2020

“Christmas Girl” in Poetry Omnibus, April 2020

“Our Caesarean” in Tidal Echoes (Print edition), April 2020

Catalpa, Red Bird Chapbooks, 2016

“Gross Brie: Growing Pains” in Rat’s Ass Review, Spring 2016

“Better Than Wondering How, Exactly, Nejat Died, Just Barely, Was” in Sleet Magazine, Fall-Winter 2015

“What it’s Like Living Here: Ho Chi Minh City” in pioneertown., Summer 2015

“Catalpa” and “Work” in Sleet Magazine, Spring 2015

“Ars Poetica” in The Midwest Quarterly, Summer 2014 (Print edition)

“These Days in Istanbul” in the Wisconsin Review, Spring 2014 (Print edition)

“Pasabahçe,” “Shape” and “Singer” in Sleet Magazine, Spring 2014

“Dolphinarium” and “Meals on Wheels” in Sleet Magazine, Fall 2014

“A kind of resolution in story.” in Sleet Magazine, Fall 2013

“For You In the Living Room Nine Years Ago” in Sleet Magazine, Spring 2013

“Roads” and “Blanket” in Sleet Magazine, Winter 2013

“Johnny Carson Poem” in Whistling Shade, Fall – Winter 2012

Dessert Poems, Binge Press and Productions, 2012 (Out of print)

“Song” and “Solitariness” in Sleet Magazine, Fall 2012

“Living Eulogy” and “There Are At Least Three Versions of Every Life” in Sleet Magazine, Summer 2012

“Jacket Poem,” “Only Through Time,” and “Football” in Sleet Magazine, Spring 2012

“Ars Poetica,” “Ars Poetica,” and “Swingset” in Sleet Magazine, Fall 2011

“Waiting,” “Saigon Perspective,” and “Picture-taker” in Sleet Magazine, Spring 2011

“On becoming” and “Small Facts” in Sleet Magazine, Winter Supplement 2010 – 11

“Liberty,” “Dear Much More Than Nothing” and “Light in Istanbul” in Sleet Magazine, Fall – Winter 2010 – 11

“She Watered the Horses” and “For DSL” in Sleet Magazine, Summer Supplement 2010

“Barn Light” and Growing Up” in Sleet Magazine, Spring 2010

“We Didn’t Want to Name It” in Poets for Living Waters, 2010

“Breakfast at Bob’s,” “Lake Swan,” and “What Would You Say As the Earth Gets Further and Further Away?” in Sleet Magazine, 2009

“What Words Have That I Didn’t,” “Ercan in the Sun and the Rain,” and “Report in Four Parts” in Kippis!, 2009 (Print edition)

“She Watered the Horses” and “Molly” in The Texas Observer, 2008 (Print edition)

“Sam,” “Real City I,” and “Ingenieur” in SNReview, 2008

“Miss America” in Oranges & Sardines, Winter 2008 (Print edition)

“Sepia” in The Talking Stick Volume: 16, 2007 (Print edition)

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