On my grandmother’s 81st birthday

How are you 81? It means I have known you since we sat at the table and Gags tried to teach me subtraction how he knew it, take the nine up to ten and just subtract that and add one, he never understood why it was so hard for me but you did, you scratched my broken leg with your knitting needle.

Six Flags: you even remembered pickles in those lunches we packed to eat in the parking lot and you went on all the scary rides with us, the water rides, the Eagle, and even though I was only eight I remember thinking I am sitting next to my grandma on Log Jam, how cool is that?

You’ve always understood me made an effort to.  I still think of the songs from Joseph when Donny Osmond got raised to the ceiling in that coat, and I remember when I called you from Africa and you said I was so far away and I was.

They are just some moments in a whole life: they aren’t everything; they aren’t what I want them to be right now.  Did Gags like the rhubarb and the asparagus?

Happy birthday!

Jamie Lynn

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