Lowland tropical rainforest beautiful Cat Tien.

Well, good thing they cleared that up!
How much like Daniel Larusso did I feel like when I saw this pool?  Lol 
After the war “defoliation.”
Fauna includes…400 or so species of butterfly…
Before sunrise…
…and just after.

6 thoughts on “Lowland tropical rainforest beautiful Cat Tien.

  1. your dad shared with me that you had gone into a national forest of sorts – that is loaded with monkeys and butterflies – looks gorgeous!..oh, the places you'll go!

  2. beautiful things happen when you are open to the whole planet! you know how to live. and. . . your letter poem would be most welcome in fall sleet, and watering the horses and spaceship in our summer supplement. just let me know! i feel so "away" while looking at your blog.

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