So it takes about six months to get used to living anywhere, I’ve decided.  Because if I am actually used to it here now, well.  Yeah.

I’m closing in on what once seemed an impossible distance; eight weeks now remain of this part of my life called Vietnam.

Luckily for me I made some travel plans and I hope these all happen: Vung Tau Dec. 26-7, Singapore Jan. 9-12, Philippines Jan. 31-Feb 8th.  What.  About.  Angkor Wat.  Boo. 😦

And yet.  It is hard to imagine what my current state of mind would be had I not decided to go to Thailand; even my Vietnam trip early on offered a lot in terms of perspective. 

How am I used to it here (I decided today)?

1.) I sleep late on my days off.  There is not a lot to do during the day.  So I stay up late and sleep late. 

2.) I know how to spend my free time: I have one beautiful coffee shop/art gallery I can walk to, and I spend the rest of the time in the yoga studio (2 classes every MWF). 

After that it is dinner (which I eat by myself with a book) and writing if I am lucky, followed (usually) by youtube. 

I don’t watch tv, because I think it’s depressing, and I can’t concentrate at home enough to read anything longer than the NYTimes online. 

3.) I call home whenever I feel like it.  Hearing a friendly voice helps me be less grouchy heading into the long weekends of teaching.  I’m a much better teacher when I’m in a good mood, duh. 

Maybe it sounds like a boring existence, but I don’t think anyone will judge me, why would they?  The point is I made this relentless city work for me somehow: I see that now. 

There was a time when I actually didn’t think I would be able to do this.  It’s not been easy, and I am proud of myself for sticking it out.

I don’t know what I’ll do yet after I graduate from Hamline in May, but the most important thing is not where I am but who I have around me. 

I have been exhausted to the brink of tears at times thinking about how much I miss certain people.  If I do move to another city, I would like to see if anyone will join me. 

It’s not, as they say, science.

Happy Christmas all.

You do know how much you help me; I couldn’t get on at all if it weren’t for you. -Virginia Woolf, Letters VI


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