Brink of Adieu.

Sitting here in a packed-up room wide awake, I have definitely been here before.

The last things have found their places in this bag “Potpourri:” feather boa, pink helmet, and now Scotch tape and a Tiffany box.

Someone will love these items.  If not, they are just parts of a life.

Left a note for the Frenchman that says hello and thank you only in French and asks him to wake me up at 6, I hope I left it somewhere where it doesn’t blow off his breakfast tray, it’s windy tonight.

Windy for here.

My best friend Jenny had a baby girl today.  She’s been pregnant almost exactly the time I’ve been gone.  I was still having the knives in the stomach at the Van Trang when she told me via Skype.

She was probably having knives of her own, and I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve a partial naming-after besides writing Jen some quotations said by Oprah in the nineties, but I love this baby already.

Time is so timelike. -Deborah Keenan

Ten minutes from this time tomorrow I will be boarding the plane.  I will sit down in my seat and stare out the window and I mean stare.

In my purse will be notes from the kids.  As the plane takes off I’ll close my eyes and hopefully sleep.

Flying home.

One thought on “Brink of Adieu.

  1. I love this quote, time is so timelike…Have never read anythg by Deborah Keenan…I should…Hope you had a pleasant trip…

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