Bound for the Rockies!

I plan to leave Oshkosh Thurs. a.m., have lunch with Allison in LaCrosse, play frisbee golf with Josh at St. Mary’s in Winona and then hang out with Kris. Saturday I’ll meet DD, Nat, Nick, and Eric at Kaposia for more golf, then head to Maple Grove to see Jen, Marty and Harlow before I blast off!

Sunday, my first day’s end destination is Medora, N.D., a beautiful park already over one-third of the way.  Hope Jen and I don’t stay up too late talking, but we will, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This should be a great adventure and I’m really excited!  Thanks for following along (I hope you do)!


Whoa Nellie!

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