Writer In-the-World

After taking the stools down at the tavern I work at I remove the dead flowers from the vases and as I am putting the nice ones in smaller vases a co-worker jokes that the company that owns the restaurant we work for is looking for a full-time flower arranger and it is a salaried position with benefits and I wish I could just do the flowers.

Before I can introduce myself to my first table and let them know the specials of the day, one of the men says “now this is not going to affect your tip” and I already don’t want to hear the rest, but he asks me if I know where a particular Lutheran Church is and I say that I do not. He looks at the others, and one of the women says “it is on the next block” and once again I had no response,

we are all so close and so distant.

I want a pizza so I will go get one: will it always be this way?  Is there a better way to be?  Who is to say?  Quiero tranquilar, I’m all twisted up today.

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