Sunday fun-day

My boyfriend gave me his old bike bell today.  I shrugged and put it in my purse.  We were on our way out to look at a bike that he found for me on the internet.  On the way I sat in the back-left seat in the dolmus and read, and he sat in the passenger’s seat next to the driver, texting me (mostly about the driver).  When we got out he said he was sorry for not sitting by me, but that he still felt a little queasy from the night before and wanted to be up front.  I know this feeling well: in 2003 I rode shotgun to the beach Elafonisi for the same reason, just beating nausea by a nose.   We found the woman with the bike after taking a lot of wrong turns (in fact, some of them were the same wrong turns we took last time we went to that neighborhood) and she was nice and it was a good bike but too small.  There was talk of a victory beer, but aside from the fact that it was a beautiful day there wasn’t much to be “victorious” about, so I went with him to get iskender, which, with the possibility of making or breaking him, made him.  Then I bought ingredients for one friend’s potluck and two other friends’ wedding, both tomorrow.  For the latter, we set out to buy a blender/juicer and wound up with Turkish Scrabble.  We sat on a bench to discuss this purchase, and he put his head on my shoulder.  It was his first wedding present bought.  I also know well the weight of wanting to get something they will like.  That is a story for another time but I’m glad I remembered it.  We decided to have a coffee before our respective ferries.  I pressed myself up against the window as his pulled away.  At home, when I found the bike bell in my purse, I cried.  It was a normal day but it just made me feel so appreciative of what I have, and so lucky.

4 thoughts on “Sunday fun-day

  1. this is so beautiful and like always i don’t know why. it reminds me of the father and the bike and the baby’s hat, one of my faves. i miss your writing. i accepted someone’s fiction piece for sleet, then she turned around and said she looked at my mag again and that she made a mistake, that she wants to be printed in a print magazine. and i thought about how happy you always were to show your gorgeous work in sleet, and how hers was not even one-tenth as good. (always,sk)

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