End of summer, 2015

Finn and Jake at the Occidental farmers' market on Jacob's birthday
Finn and Jake (in marigold lei) at the Occidental farmers’ market on Jacob’s birthday;
Birthday man and myself before having dinner at Negri's with his family
a quick selfie with the birthday man before having dinner in Occidental with his family.
Back on the island, the first beautiful shots with my new underwater camera I bought for myself on his birthday,
Back on the island, the first beautiful shots with the underwater camera I bought myself on his birthday
(I love how jellyfish SWIM);
and a parting shot of our neighbor's bougainvillea
a parting shot with our neighbor’s bougainvillea
(goodbye, island of blue dolphins).
(goodbye, island of blue dolphins).

2 thoughts on “End of summer, 2015

  1. Just love these pics. Too bad you are leaving but you really did make the most of it!

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