First month

Imogen is one month old tomorrow and of course I can’t believe it: in her first month she gained over 1 lb. (7.9 to 9.3), but this is just a statistic.

Getting weighed

Her eyes are deep and blue. We tell everyone how good she is and mean it. We take her to a restaurant, a bar, our workplace, and on a long boat ride.

Napping with Dad
Napping with Dad

Her Grandma Debbie and Louie come to see her and her grandma holds her every night. She also meets Frederik and Holly, Daniel, Heather, Bailey, Kooch and Victor.

With Grandma
With Grandma
Testing the waters with Frederik
Testing the waters with Frederik

She outgrows her vintage jammies from the hospital, four pairs of socks, one pair of booties, and her Hammer pants with the eyelet around the feet.

In Hammer pants
In Hammer pants

She likes music. I’m not sure if she likes being called Beauty, or Noodle.

I already can’t imagine life without her, and I don’t mind the association of that beautiful verb and her name.

Barhopping with Mom
Barhopping with Mom
Passport photo outtake

2 thoughts on “First month

  1. Thank you so much for sharing her one month’s experiences. So looking forward to meeting her in December. I know the love and joy you are feeling as a mother. There is no other. Much love,

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have shared the anticipation of this birth with Deb and Louie.. She is Beautiful and very loved and welcomed ingest Family. Congratulations.

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