COVIDiaries-19: Is this how it begins?

It’s probably been [in Juneau] for awhile, my colleague surmises for the second day in a row, adding that in the U.S. and in Alaska in particular we don’t have enough test kits to know for sure that it is not, and people aren’t being tested for colds.

Sorry, I just got back from China, a man said after he got off the elevator and sneezed. He meant to be funny, but it wasn’t. I now walk the nine flights up, because of the fresh air and because no one is sneezing on me.

I guess I should have ordered extra of everything a week ago, the grocery store manager says with what registers as desperation.  I’m on my lunch break and get a text from Jacob, who is allowed to work from home but can’t get Ansel to nap.

He co-produces the top story on ANN about the U.S./Canada border closure when I get home.  I want to #stayhome, too, of course, and do silly projects with, and protect, my babies, who have been taking turns screaming out in the night.

It’s not serious until the bars in Wisconsin close was my meme-tra last Saturday, joking over corned beef and cabbage… until it happened when WI hit 72 confirmed cases three days later, on Tuesday.

Gardening is not cancelled is my new one. In front of the Capitol, next to the only door in which workers are “allowed,” yellow crocuses stubbornly push their way into the world despite it all, the hardy little bastards.

2 thoughts on “COVIDiaries-19: Is this how it begins?

  1. Hello from Minnesota! Great memories of you in Istanbul, you in your red coat, Jacob breaking in to new news venues, our fish market adventure, getting tips on the language, on how to be a woman on public transport, etc..

    I’m in touch every day with friends in italy. Lockdown.

    What a beautiful baby! For him, is this normal?

    All best,

  2. Hi from Juneau, Alaska, JoAnn. Thank you for reaching out, and for the reminders of sunny Istanbul.

    I also have a friend in Siena with whom I’ve been able to check in. They are okay but quarantine sure is weird with kids.

    My baby turns two in May and defaults to really, really happy. I will make the effort not to present anything that makes him think less as long as I can. Thank you for the reminder.


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