COVIDiaries-19: #hunkerdownjuneau

This week I was at a loss for words so I uploaded some of my favorite pictures from the week including this sweet one of Lucy and Imogen in our guest room. Immy makes time I would say 3-5 times a day to check in with Lucy. The love is mutual!
We got out on our beloved Treadwell [Historic Mine Trail] for the first time on my birthday morning! They insisted on riding in the stroller together even though they almost don’t fit. Also, Fruit by the Foot for the win.
Imogen satisfies her desire to have a garage while Ansel takes notes. (Picasso Tiles for the toy-win)
On my birthday eve we made them bundle up and bribed them with gumdrops to sit down by the lake at Fish Creek for 15 minutes. Parenting win.
Imogen (and another driftwood gun… can you tell she hangs out with a lot of boys?) with Jacob and Ansel in the background walking toward the channel on I think the last day we had to wear snow pants. Though we might not have known it then.

Stepping out our back door to do the family scream thing. Sorry neighbors, we gotta.
His birthday is next!
What it’s all about.

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