Dream (01/19/09)

In a gymnasium mostly dark, I sat on the floor watching a small television set.
It was cold, so I asked someone for a blanket. When I pulled it over my legs,
he took some too and also put both his hands over my hands and moved closer.

When the performance ended he stood, asked me in the light if I wanted to go
to a movie. I said “sure,” my heart beat fast, men still did this? We walked outside. He opened the door to his Saab and we sat, didn’t talk, just drove.
He wore sunglasses, looked over once, smiled.

Will you drop me off so I can take a shower and then pick me back up again?
Sure. I looked out my window, the song in my head, the soundtrack: the next twenty minutes or so of life would be the best I’ve had in years, sunshine, chances.

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