Ted/Nina/Stevie epic Juneau stop as seen by Aunt Jame!

Hittin the Flume on the first day! Bad mamma jammas for sure! #timershot
Onto the carrier already the second day…
…and she liked it! #proudaunt
Our new favorite trailmates.
Ted and Nina checking out the basin from just beyond Perseverance trail head.
A rest on Perseverance. #timershot

Cooling off Mama.

Perseverance pulled off without a hitch. Not bad with two under two!
First salmon catch!
King crab @ Pier 49
Throwing a line in at Sheep Creek
Oh no, not another trail! (Actually she slept in the carrier for almost an hour. Total trooper!)
Here we go again: foresty, gnarly, beachy Dupont

Wild blueberry girl

End of the line…
…or just the beginning?! After we left, my brother asked this sweet, awesome girl to marry him! Welcome to the family Christina, thank you for making Ted so happy and for being who you are in general!! Please come back soon!!

Please purchase my poetry chapbook!

Hello friends,

My second chapbook, a collaboration of poems by me and paintings by my dear friend and graduate school colleague Susan Solomon, has been made available here through Red Bird Press.

It is entitled Catalpa after the tree and the title poem. For the rest, you’ll just have to see for yourself!

It would mean a lot to us if you would support our project by buying our book and/or sharing this link.

Also, please let me and/or Susan know what you think!

Lots of love,



Honoring: a work in progress

Tuesday 21/10/14 — with Raki, yarzeit candle, Hector
Wednesday 22/10/14 — with Abdellatif Laâbi*


O my friend

sleep well

you need it

because you worked hard

like an honourable man

Before you left

you left your office in order

neatly arranged

You switched off the lights

and on stepping out

you looked at the sky

which was almost painfully blue

You gracefully smoothed your moustache

and said to yourself :

only cowards

think that death is the end

Sleep well my friend

Sleep the sleep of the righteous

Rest well

even from your dreams

Let us shoulder the burden a little



Thursday 23/10/14 — with WHITE LILIES, amazing pine cone