Still puffy ankles and other stuff about settling in

Got into Saigon around 11:00 p.m. after twenty-some hours or so of travel time.

My jet pulling up to the airport in Hong Kong.

I always feel like such a dork when I travel, Saucony beside Armani, carrying two computers when I always said I was never even going to lug around one.

At the cafe a little girl was selling Lonely Planet Vietnam (which I special-ordered from Common Good Books for $25.00), but you don’t know these things unless you go to the country, or know before you get there that they don’t have copyright laws.

Took a ride around the city from a guy on a bike for 100.000 dong (about 5 bucks), which I’m totally happy I did, ate a weird, but good, sandwich, that I think was fifty cents, took another shower, and am now on my way to get a coffee and read some Bishop essays.

Still haven’t slept, there is so damn much going on, but there are few things I love more than falling asleep writing like I did last night.


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