Update: a year gone by

Iris from mom’s garden

Wow, it has been a year since I landed in HCMC and added Saigon to Ramona Forever.  Whoever is still following this blog since then, thank you, thank you, my friend.

What a year.  Now a year ago I am awake my first day there, typing on this blog on the computer in the Van Trang, scared to go outside, texting Rufus.  Knowing what I know now, I should have been more scared to stay in the Van Trang.

Like so many things, including this time of life, if it were possible to know how it all turned out, I mean how non-threatening it all was (what did I think was going to happen to me?) I just would have loved all of the good stuff even more, one text to a friend that gets a call.

So it is still cold in Wisconsin, it is supposed to freeze tonight actually, Memorial Day weekend.  I really feel as though I have had a whole winter, and I got home in March.  Should be interesting to see what happens next year…

and just for old time’s sake:

About me practice, spring ’11:

Gardener/lawn mower, bridesmaid, Master of Fine Arts, Adult Health Literacy Instructor, moth, kitten, and seal lover, poet.

Dad’s Cecropia moth

Still puffy ankles and other stuff about settling in

Got into Saigon around 11:00 p.m. after twenty-some hours or so of travel time.

My jet pulling up to the airport in Hong Kong.

I always feel like such a dork when I travel, Saucony beside Armani, carrying two computers when I always said I was never even going to lug around one.

At the cafe a little girl was selling Lonely Planet Vietnam (which I special-ordered from Common Good Books for $25.00), but you don’t know these things unless you go to the country, or know before you get there that they don’t have copyright laws.

Took a ride around the city from a guy on a bike for 100.000 dong (about 5 bucks), which I’m totally happy I did, ate a weird, but good, sandwich, that I think was fifty cents, took another shower, and am now on my way to get a coffee and read some Bishop essays.

Still haven’t slept, there is so damn much going on, but there are few things I love more than falling asleep writing like I did last night.