Asia in present tense.

Descending the marble stairs I see that the cat with the broken tail is sleeping in the stairwell about twenty feet off the ground and take her picture.

I say good morning to Mme. Tuhy and the Frenchman, leaving dressed again in the blue dress from Greta which, though comfortable, does not stop the stares.

The cafe across the street from my alcove looks promising. I order a Vietnamese coffee and wish it was three times the size. I feel like Bigfoot.

I walk down the street after an egg sandwich from a street vendor but none of them seem right so I walk past them all, sweaty Goldilocks.

A man slices the tops off coconuts. I stop and watch a man pull his motorbike over, drink one, pay, and take off without saying anything. I wish I were invisible.

5 thoughts on “Asia in present tense.

  1. If you are pondering ways to become invisible:The Art of DisappearingWhen they say Don't I know you?say no.When they invite you to the partyremember what parties are likebefore answering.Someone telling you in a loud voice they once wrote a poem.Greasy sausage balls on a paper plate.Then reply.If they say We should get togethersay why?It's not that you don't love them anymoreYou're trying to remember somethingtoo important to forget.Trees. The monastery bells at twilight.Tell them you have a new project.It will never be finished.When someone recognizes you in the grocery storenod briefly and become a cabbage.When someone you haven't seen in ten yearsappears at the door,don't start singing him all your new songs.You will never catch up.Walk around feeling like a leaf.Know you could tumble at any second.Then decide what to do with your time. Naomi Shihab NyeDear Goldilocks,You are a brilliant, courageous girl. As you survey your current situation, be aware that the freedom you enjoy -to 'walk around feeling like a leaf'… is a wonderful gift – and far superior to eating greasy sausage balls off from paper plates. It is my hope that you will not disappear, but let the winds carry you higher and higher.~Ellen

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