RIP our daughter’s first best friend

We lost Alex this week after only having had him eight months, same age Imogen was when we adopted him.

From the beginning he proved himself to be a capable babysitter…

…except he never learned you’re supposed to pretend you were awake the whole time.

Most of the photos in this post are all from the first month or two. I keep thinking about how happy he made all of us, especially her.

“Gotcha” dayIMG_0747
First day
Second morning

Jacob liked to say that he acted like a reincarnated old miner, the way he held down our corner of 12th and Irwin. True to form, he managed to carve out a huge space for himself in a very short time. He leaves a huge hole behind.

This is random, but notice the cat-shredded bar stool in the picture below:

…because evidently our grief manifests itself in decorative duct tape and clearance paint.

Keeping the candles lit for the time being helps a little.
DSCN4699 RIP in kitty heaven.

Our Squigs (Imogen Charlotte) at nine months

Our first visit to the Mendenhall Glacier, on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day brunch at the Sand Bar, a friendly dive with lovely fish and chips
Have a lot of car seat pictures but can’t resist the face
Big girl in the cart going to get stuff for our kitty Alex!
At Auke Rec with Dad
Just another lunch with mom in our cardigans.

*2015* End of year highlights *2015*

Mr. Cleo embracing his inner kitten playing with the lights on Christmas Eve.
Mr. Cleo embracing his inner kitten on Christmas Eve,
Ted and Christina receive the baby mobile Sara made for them.
Ted and Christina receiving the mobile from Aunt Sara,
Zuchi "helps" Mom and I tie Jaco's Christmas quilt.
Zuchi “helping” Mom and me tie Jaco’s Christmas quilt,
Presents lit up on Ma's snowy porch.
Presents lit up on Ma’s snowy porch,
Quick trip up to Crivitz New Years' Day
A quick trip up to Crivitz on New Years’ Day

(Me mostly liking BB guns for the photo ops)

My brother Ted and his beautiful new baby daughter Stevie,
My brother Ted and his beautiful new baby daughter Stevie, 
And just the best snowman I've seen in a while.
and the best snowman I’ve seen in a while.