You kind of have to have seen Steel Magnolias for this to make sense.

I wanted to learn how to do the bangs-french braid and Linda, being Linda, having the braid in, having the know-how, put together an evening to remember–I don’t think I even cried at prom.

“Steel Magnolias, french bread pizza, and french braiding: my apartment, Wednesday, 8 p.m.”

“I’m in,” Teacher Nicole said, not even looking up from her papers.

Amy and I get there at the exact same time as Nicole who has brought two bottles of wine.  Linda has got all the fixings chopped up already including mozzarella cheese and salad.  The dvd is in, playing the credits.

Linda suggests we start the movie while the pizzas are cooking, and then take a break from the movie to get them, that way we get the chit-chat out of the way at the beginning of the movie.  Pizza and chit-chat means we wouldn’t actually watch the movie: I’m guessing the fact that we have all done this before in our regular lives is what makes it easy for us to fall into place with each other, relative strangers.  As the beginning credits roll lil’ Lola joins us, gotta love her.

I think it’s so cheesy that we are watching Steel Magnolias!  I have had this movie on VHS, the title written with Mr. Sketch markers, my whole life.  The significance of it is lost on me until much later, until after Jon, Linda’s boyfriend, comes home and all five of us are crying and Linda tells him to go in their room and shut the door and he does, that we are kind-of like those women…

Granted, our friendship is on a smaller scale, we just live in the same town we haven’t known each other long in the scheme of things but travel has a way of leveling people, much like school or work or other endeavours; we have two of three of these in common plus we are in this crazy place, we are on the same, not page but scene, and they even let me be Daryl Hannah, the most lovable dork of all time.

Afterwards T.L. showed us how to do the braid as promised, she just really delivered.  I’m going to do Nicole’s, she was tired and didn’t feel like being in the bright lights of the bathroom which I totally get.


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