Highlights… like the magazine

The tulips are almost open, it’s time to leave the scarves behind.  Unless you’re a hipster, it’s almost spring.

Birthday highlights: Crivitz/sledding/beer with dad and Ted and riding shotgun reading my poems,

the road trip with mom, the hot tub before the reading, Nick coming (and being on time :)),

the reading.  Jevin going first and making me not nervous at all.  The roses from Gretchen and Matt.  Drinking Fat Squirrel with mom in the hotel room.  Those comfortable beds.

The defense–how can I say it?–now I just want to be myself.

Harlow smiling.  Jim telling me that he had been in a bad mood.  Dancing with Sierra to “Piece of my Heart,” and her sitting at the bar eating pizza.

Sierra and Javi

Pre-HCMC departure

Watched BIG FISH tonight, went to a bar called Diamond Dave’s, and afterwards for a walk down by a lake. My dad pointed out this crane and let me sneak up on it from three docks away with my camera knowing all the while it was a decoy.

I leave Tuesday, it is now Friday. Tired of talking about leaving; just need to do it. Tonight went to an art opening in Omro: very realistic paintings of birds, and this poem
“True Love:” It’s impossible.

Ritz crackers with melted cheese. I should have stayed longer.

Leaving, even the breeze is amazing. I love it here at my dad’s house.

And I remember this time I walked across a beach to a high dive, climbed the ladder, and something inside me said “go off backwards” so i lined up my toes up on the edge just like in the Olympics and did it.

You should know that I stole your Bon Iver cd but the joke was on me because I also left my laptop in Ted’s minivan and then destroyed my iPod with water.

What have I done, not done, it is all so crystallized, melodramatic, senseless. For some reason I keep thinking of the time we talked about Aspen trees, so here is a picture of some at my dad’s.

Hope all is well w/ you, your Robert Lowell glasses and your half-cafs.

Weird to think that when you read this I’ll be on the other side of the planet, but it’s just proximity.