Highlights… like the magazine

The tulips are almost open, it’s time to leave the scarves behind.  Unless you’re a hipster, it’s almost spring.

Birthday highlights: Crivitz/sledding/beer with dad and Ted and riding shotgun reading my poems,

the road trip with mom, the hot tub before the reading, Nick coming (and being on time :)),

the reading.  Jevin going first and making me not nervous at all.  The roses from Gretchen and Matt.  Drinking Fat Squirrel with mom in the hotel room.  Those comfortable beds.

The defense–how can I say it?–now I just want to be myself.

Harlow smiling.  Jim telling me that he had been in a bad mood.  Dancing with Sierra to “Piece of my Heart,” and her sitting at the bar eating pizza.

Sierra and Javi

Why I Hate Being Single

Because I am.
Because I avoid making eye contact with normal-looking couples.
Because Janis Joplin said freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose but she was a hypocrite and an alcoholic.
Because he called me crying from his iPhone, telling me not to forget about him. Because I still haven’t.

Because there is no one to talk to on Sunday nights when I am tired of Facebook. Because of the picture of two people I miss posing in front of a double rainbow with a happy-looking girl from Illinois. Because she looks like she realizes how amazing they are.

Because when he asked me if my past relationships were good I only nodded. Because I lied to him about how long it has been. Because there have been times that I don’t count. Because there is the chance he doesn’t care.

Because I am self-conscious around people to whom I am attracted. Because I don’t have anyone besides myself for whom to plan. Because I am so good at planning.