Another year (almost) gone by

Started out the new year by jumping around, I should have known then that it would be a good year.

Reunited with friends at AWP and did a reading for Susan and my mini-chapbook; even the Grammys were worth watching.

Moved to Madison and rode my bike everywhere and only fell off once. Taught my first college classes. Now getting ready to travel again.

2013 will begin Chicago, London, West Africa. I think it has a lot of potential.




Upon my return from VN I thought things would work out without my necessarily needing to play an active role, kind of passivity I have gotten upset with other people over.  I cut myself some slack.  Then I began applying and applying for jobs.

Prospects: teaching Expository Writing to freshmen at Lakeland College in Sheboygan, WI, and teaching inmates at a minimum security correctional facility in Gordon, WI.

Gordon PO
Duluth (45 mi. away)

At work, I get into an argument with another server about the way in which I roll silverware.  She tells me the way I do it provides a greater chance for them to come undone.  I suppose she is right.  And yet.  When I look the pieces all lined up, I know they are not going to.